St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Sermon - January 29th, Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

"Jesus jacks up your whole spiritual house and moves it down the road"

By Bp. George Sumner on January 29th 2017.


Sermon - January 22nd, Third Sunday after the Epiphany

"Jesus said,'I make you fishers of people'"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on January 22nd 2017.


Sermon - January 15th, Second Sunday after the Epiphany

"What are you looking for?"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on January 15th 2017.


Sermon - January 8th, First Sunday after the Epiphany

"What does Jesus Baptism have to do with us?"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on January 8th 2017.


Sermon - January 1st, Holy Name Day

"What's your new years resolution?"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on January 1st 2017.


Sermon - December 24th, Christmas Eve

"It's hard to find peace in our world"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on December 24th 2016.


Sermon - December 18th, Fourth Sunday in Advent

"Don't forget to look for the signs of coming kingdom this Christmas season"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on December 18th 2016.


Sermon - December 11th, Third Sunday in Advent

"Are you looking for the in breaking Kingdom this Advent?"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on December 11th 2016.


Sermon - November 27th, First Sunday in Advent

"Are you getting cleaned up for Christmas?"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on November 27th 2016.


Sermon - November 22nd, Community Thanksgiving Service

By Rev. Brian Keith Thomas on November 22nd 2016.