St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Sermon - October 27th, Twenty-third Sunday of Pentecost

"Are you walking humbly and being a good steward?"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on October 27th 2013.

Sermon - October 22nd, Twenty-second Sunday of Pentecost

"Offertory Sentences"

By Fr. Gordon Miltenberger on October 22nd 2013.

Sermon - October 13th, Twenty-first Sunday of Pentecost

"Were not 10 healed, where are the other 9?"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on October 13th 2013.

Sermon - October 6th, Twentieth Sunday of Pentecost

"Do you love to tell the story of Jesus and his glory?"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on October 6th 2013.

Sermon - September 29th, Nineteenth Sunday of Pentecost

"There is a plague of indifference in our culture today"

By Fr. Gary Herbst on September 29th 2013.

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